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Die Website Stundentool dient dazu, sinnvolle kurze Blogs zu schreiben. Der Text muss auf deutsch, rechtlich einwandfrei zur Freigabe gegeben werden. Es darf eine Referenz auf einen Artikel Deiner Wahl übergeben werden.


ConnTraQ is an easy to use software to optimize and manage your internet connection especially when you are connected via wifi or other broadband technologies. It will help you to have an acceptable internet experience with edge and even slower connection.

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LICENSE4J is a total solution for software product licensing. It provides Java libraries and GUI tools for generation and validation of license files, cryptographically secure serial numbers and floating license files.

License4J provides software licensing solutions for applications developed with Java. It is designed to be easy to use and integrate in your application. Unlike other licensing libraries it has many licensing features defined and performs validation on required features when license file is used; also can be used to generate and validate cryptographically secure serial numbers (product keys).

License4J comes with License Manager and Serial Number Manager GUI applications to generate and store software license files and cryptographically secure serial numbers.

License4J beginning with version 3.0 provides a free Floating License Server to host and serve created floating licenses.

You can download and test License4J, the only limitation is that created license files will have 10 days expiration feature set, and serial number generation will be with some fields disabled. You can buy and install a valid license at any time.

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